Special Educational Needs Provision

All children have particular needs at various times during their three years in our school. Most needs can be addressed by the class teacher in the course of a normal term's work. However, if a child is not making satisfactory progress in English or Maths, or presenting other concerns, the class teacher will consult with the parents, Headteacher and the Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENCO) to assess the problem and how best to support the child. The SENCO keeps a register of children who are on 'Pre school Action', 'School Action' or 'School Action Plus' level of support, and also those we wish to monitor for other reasons e.g. poor motor skills or medical conditions etc. Meetings to discuss progress with parents are arranged termly and are generally held in the morning before school. Children with special educational needs are provided with individual education programmes which cater for their needs within the classroom.

We are able to access specialist support through the Local Authority to support children with particular needs as appropriate.